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Artificial intelligence is changing the way that people live their lives. It’s also having a huge impact on the ways that businesses operate. You might not be aware that there are actually several different types of artificial intelligence. Take a look at the different AI types below to learn more about the topic. 

Reactive Machine AI

The most common and simple type of AI is known as a reactive machine AI. These types of AI cannot remember past experiences and they don’t use the past to inform choices. Reactive machine AI will simply react to a situation that is going on in the present. There are types of reactive machine AI that have been developed specifically for playing chess, for example. 

Limited Memory AI

Limited memory AI will take things a bit further than the reactive machine AI mentioned above. This type of AI makes use of machine learning models to use information that it has previously stored. These machines can learn from the past and use the data to inform decisions. Autonomous cars are types of limited memory AI and they’re capable of looking at the environment while using their data to make the best possible decisions. 

Theory of Mind AI

A theory of mind AI has a decision-making ability that is in part with human beings. As of the present time, this is a type of AI that is more theoretical than real. Basically, there will be an AI that is capable of holding conversations with humans while understanding the concepts of emotions and how they can impact behavior. There are some versions of AI that exist that exhibit some of the abilities of a theory of mind AI, but this concept has not been fully developed or explored as of yet. 

Self-Aware AI

Self-aware AI will have developed a consciousness. Humanity has not yet created a self-aware AI, but it would be the most advanced form of AI if it were to ever be created. Self-aware AI would be able to think for itself and it might even develop desires or feelings. You have probably seen self-aware AI beings in Sci-Fi movies or comic books.