machine learning and ai ken hitchner nj

There has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence lately due to how prevalent certain forms of it have become. AI is increasing in popularity and many people will seek to use it in different ways moving forward. You might have also heard about machine learning and many people assume that this is the same as AI. What is the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence? 

What Is an AI?

Artificial intelligence is something like a machine that is capable of displaying intelligent behaviors. It would be more accurate to say that AI is a machine that can do certain tasks in an intelligent way. Most artificial intelligence is programmed to adapt to different situations so that they can give users the best possible outcome. There are several types of artificial intelligence and they’re used to help analyze data, as well as for many other purposes. 

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is actually something that you should consider a branch of AI. The concept of machine learning is about creating machines that can analyze data and then learn things from the data. They’re supposed to be able to learn and adapt without human supervision. This makes machine learning AI more sophisticated than most AI types that you see in use today. 

How Machine Learning Came to Be

Machine learning came to be naturally as an offshoot of the normal AI that people have been developing. There are two basic types of AI. There is the applied AI that handles specific tasks such as automated driving or analyzing things such as stock trading. Then there are generalized AI that is designed to be capable of performing many different types of tasks. 

A machine learning AI has the potential to be able to do many things. Basically, this type of AI is taught to think and it becomes capable of doing much more than a simple applied AI. This type of AI is not common at the moment, but it is expected that machine learning AI will be very prevalent in the future. A machine learning AI might be able to offer automated customer service that works fantastically and there are many other potential uses for this AI as well.