Living in the modern world means getting used to constant new technological innovations. As a result, it seems that we are constantly having to get accustomed to all of these new devices. Interestingly enough, however, there are still some pieces of technology that have not only contributed to the invention of others, but are still in use today.

  1. Vinyl Records

Despite reaching peak popularity decades ago, vinyls have made a comeback and continue to be popular amongst music listeners everywhere. In fact, current artists still continue to release their music on records along with releasing it on CDs and streaming services. Record players have also evolved to make sure people are getting the utmost quality of sound when playing their favorite artists.

  1. Floppy Disks

Back in the day, these disks were used to hold computer files and other types of data. But eventually, new forms of technology were invented and these weren’t necessary anymore. Or so we thought. To this day, airplanes utilize floppy disks to store and retrieve information because of the fact that some of their software is older. Naval ships are also known to use floppy disks to help them get around.

  1. Fax Machines

Fax machines are still pretty popular in schools, offices, and, more importantly, medical offices. Although doctors are working to get all of their patient information transferred digitally, they still have a long way to go. As a result, they rely on fax machines to send and receive important information in regards to their patients.

  1. Typewriters

Given the existence of computers, you would think that typewriters are a thing of the past. However, some people just simply prefer using the older method of typewriting and enjoy the satisfying click of the keys and the variety of design in the machines.

  1. Phone Booths

These days, just about everyone has a cell phone. But those who don’t own mobile devices are still able to rely on phone booths to contact whoever they need to.