In 2000, around 50% of Americans had broadband access to the Internet in their homes. Today, it has increased to more than 90%. It has grown across the globe, with more than half of the people in the world having access to the Internet. The development of smartphones has played a huge role in this, as technology and connectivity are becoming more portable. The development of technology has revolutionized different aspects of society.

The Use of Media

One major change is in how people get the news. In the beginning, people could access the standard news, but publications were created that catered to particular groups of people. This was followed with the rise of social media, and as it has grown, people can join communities that share their interests. As a result, people are using media to customize their interactions and what they read. In addition to providing specialized groups where people can share information, it has also led to an increase in polarized opinions and the spread of disinformation. Currently, technology is working on AI powered content moderation to help curtail this issue.

Climate Change

Another place that technology is being used is in helping reduce the carbon imprint people have on the world. Tech firms are working on initiatives for clean energy, as well as carbon capture technology, which removes carbon dioxide from the air. This will reduce some of the damage done by burning fossil fuels. They are also working on alternatives to meat and dairy that will be greener than using farm animals for these sources of nutrition. 

Health Care and Biotech

Biotech has focused on better ways to treat diseases and research particular treatments. This includes projects such as using a single layer of cells to separate the blood vessel from the bloodstream. In addition, some tech companies are using tech for healthcare delivery. One of the growing areas is Telehealth, where people are looking for virtual healthcare options. They are creating apps where patients can keep track of symptoms or medicines, and there is much more in the works.