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Small businesses sometimes have a hard time choosing between apps they should use to help keep their team organized. Especially if that business is on a tight budget, apps with monthly subscriptions may not be appealing. However, there are a plethora of free apps available to help these companies in streamlining their communication, finances and more. Read on to discover six free apps every small business should take advantage of.


Skype has been around for much longer than people realize. Recently overshadowed by Zoom, Skype is still the preferred method of communication for many businesses. This free mobile app offers simple communication between coworkers and allows chats and calls. Being able to converse in this manner eliminates possibilities for miscommunication and will improve the overall productivity of the corporation. 


If your business is looking for an easily manageable way to budget, Mint is the perfect solution. Mint makes it simple to keep track of fees and expenses, monitor credit, make a budget and more. Additionally, your establishment can have peace in knowing this app takes multiple safety measures to ensure your information is protected. This trusted app is a great resource for small businesses.


Toggl is a noteworthy app used for time-tracking to ensure deadlines are being met on time. Not only can individuals use this to stay productive, businesses can also have their employees send them reports to see how much time is being spent on certain projects. This can help companies prioritize which projects are worth their time and which ones should be placed on a backburner. 

Campaign Monitor

Used by over 250,000 businesses, Campaign Monitor is an easy email marketing tool used to engage with customers. This easy to use app has built-in templates, making it simple for new users to create a beautiful and professional email. Additionally, there is a template management mode used by teams to lock certain parts of the template so team members can only access the section assigned to them. There are a variety of free templates available.


Planoly is a scheduling app used for Instagram. Companies can upload up to thirty photos a month to a grid for free. The app automatically uploads your already published photos so individuals can see how it flows with the rest of the account’s feed. Not only can evergreen posts be scheduled, but stories can be scheduled as well. After uploading a photo to the Planoly grid, organizations can also plan out the caption, hashtags, tags and any applicable shopping tags. There are even more features available with a paid plan, but the free version is sufficient for helping businesses maintain a beautifully scheduled feed.


Another communication app, Slack, is helpful for conversing with both the entire team, groups within the organization or one-on-one. Different groups can be given a name in order to help people collaborate on specific projects without getting the chat confused with another they are part of. If needed, you can also conduct video calls.