Black Mirror is a dystopian science fiction series that premiered in 2011. It rose to be a cult show, and it is appreciated for its dark humor, thought provoking narrative, and politics. It has shifted to mainstream fame, and people enjoy exploring the dark side of modern technology. Take a look at some of the Black Mirror technologies that viewers hope to never see. 

  1. Virtual Dating Simulators

In one episode, a device called the Coach was invented to determine how a partner fits with you and how long you should date them. Two of the people who participate are Frank and Amy, and they are coached to meet other people. They have to date them for a certain amount of time. They are matched and separated, and then rematched and separated again. They end up rebelling and running away, and they find out it was simulated to find out if they were compatible in real life. 

  1. Social Rating Systems

In the episode Nosedive, a utopian dystopia is created that features social media. Users use eye implants and mobile devices to rate online and real interactions. Lacie has a rating of 4.2, and she is working to improve it. A number of accidents and issues get in the way so she ends up being uninvited from her friend’s wedding. When she reacts, she spirals down and her rating crashes to zero. 

  1. Mind Controlled Soldiers

In this episode, they have high-tech AI driven weapons to dehumanize the battlefield. Soldiers are exterminating mutated humans that are called “roaches.” They use a neural implant to enhance their senses and provide data through augmented reality. One of the soldiers is attacked, and his MASS interface is disrupted. Then, he starts seeing the roaches as humans. He learns of the corruption and is thrown in prison.

  1. Controlling Your Senses

This episode is about a video game testing experience that goes wrong. Cooper is an American backpacker, and he is left without any money in England. His father has died, and he participated in a playtest of an augmented reality video game for money. He ends up alone in a mansion, and he starts to have server issues, such as hallucinations. It turns out there was a problem with the testing process that caused brain damage.